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Why Care About Waste Clearance in Sutton?

In this day and age, giving thought to the methodology behind waste clearance / rubbish removals is essential. Population growth and the development of suburban areas like Sutton means we have less space to clutter with our cast-offs, and recycling everything we can is crucial. When looking to stage a house clearance, it can pay to bring in a professional removals company to take care of this burden for you. Man and Van on the Move, which covers Sutton and all surrounding areas, can load up everything and save you a good deal of time and effort. We’ll be able to take all your unwanted items to a facility to sort them and ensure everything is disposed of or recycled in the proper, legal manner.



Issues Relating to the Waste Clearance Sector


In addition to saving our Sutton clients time and money, we also meet a range of other challenges facing the waste clearance and rubbish removals sector:


  1. Waste collected by amateur rubbish removals / house clearance firms operating in Sutton, or disposed of by lazy homeowners/ companies, is often fly-tipped in public areas.

  2. Other times, rubbish and unwanted belongings collected during botched office removals / house removals is dumped in bodies of water.

  3. Issues like this are playing a part in making the atmosphere increasingly polluted, leading to significant negative impact on global ecosystems.



The Facts Don’t Lie


The importance of professional waste clearance and rubbish removals becomes all the more apparent when you look at the facts. For example, did you know the average Sutton household generates 500kg of waste every single year. That’s a massive amount. And while over 60% of this waste can be recycled, only around half this figure is (currently). By working with companies like Man and Van on the Move, top choice for both house clearance and waste clearance in Sutton and the wider South East, you can help improve this percentage and make an active, positive difference to the environment.


But that’s just the situation with domestic premises. Unfortunately, it gets worse when you take a step back from house removals and look at the bigger waste clearance picture. With over 440m tons of waste generated annually throughout the UK, it’s sad to know that just 25% is recycled and 75% finds its way to landfill sites (it’s estimated that 90% can actually be recycled).


So if you operate a commercial or industrial premises, you also have a huge responsibility! The chance are, you generate even more waste and need to ensure it is managed correctly. Spending the time handling waste clearance or commercial removals in-house can eat up a lot of time and resource, however. So give us a call and let us take the load off your shoulders. It means you can improve your business’s carbon footprint, stay compliant with UK law, and not have to sour your margins.


For waste clearance and house removals services in and around the Sutton area, call Man and Van on the Move on 07850 108 674!