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The First Port of Call for Removals in Croydon

In this blog post, we’ve looked to provide our Croydon clients with a few packing tips or “hacks”, as they’re often known in 2017! We hope they’ll make any planned house clearance or rubbish removals a lot easier for you. Once you’ve packed everything up, give us a call and our expert team will attend to your property, load up our van and take everything away, leaving you with a tidier premise to use as you see fit!


4 House Clearance Packing Hacks for Croydon Clients


QUICK & EASY CLOTHES STORAGE – You can pack a large number of garments simply by placing a bin bag over them while they’re still on the hanger. This is a super-fast way that Croydon clients with large and varied wardrobes can save time and effort during house clearance or space-saving geared house removals.


STACK CERAMICS VERTICALLY – Rather than fill up a box with plates and pans stacked horizontally, stack them vertically. That way you’ll maximise the space and be able to fit more in. If you’re a Croydon client investing in house clearance / waste clearance for a large property and need to squeeze as much as you can into one of our large vehicles, it can make all the difference! Even with minor, everyday rubbish removals, figuring out the correct way to stack items can prove helpful.


WRAP ITEMS IN CLOTHES – You can wrap plates and delicate items in old clothes before placing them in a box, if you’d like to save money on bubble wrap. This is also a good idea if you’re having a spring cleaning session and calling in our waste clearance specialists to get rid of both what’s wrapped up and the wrapping material itself. Two birds, one stone as they say.


ROLL YOUR CLOTHES – It may seem obvious, but many Croydon home and office owners carrying out house removals / house clearance fold all their clothes up. But rolling them saves both space and time. The more you know!


But sometimes, we’re called into a rubbish removals job where there’s no packing involved – simply a large pile of waste that needs rid of, ASAP. Don’t fret, our team specialise in these kinds of job. And as well as offering friendly, efficient customer service, we boast some of the most competitive prices you’ll find with any waste clearance or rubbish removals company in Croydon or the wider South East!


Searching for a reputable team of removals or waste clearance professionals? Call Man and Van on the Move today on 07850 108 674.